Bahru Stainless won International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) Gold Medal for Sustainability Award 2021

Sustainability 2021

It has been a great honour as Bahru Stainless was announced as a GOLD AWARD recipient in the Sustainability category from The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) on 25 May 2021 with the title From the Acid Pickling Sludge to Clay Brick Project.  This project focuses on searching potential reuse outlets for the neutralised acid pickle sludge to reduce with ultimate sustainability intention to achieve landfill avoidance.  In addition, the project to reuse the acid pickle sludge to the clay brick manufacturing also fulfills the avoidance of other carbon intensive manufacturing processes for building materials. 

This waste recycling project brought together the academia, other industry sectors and the environmental authority in order to develop and deliver a robust and long term solution for the waste management for the industry.  It captures waste streams from several industries to make a 100% recycled content building material. The sludge-to-brick process does not use the conventional kiln operation, its 100% mechanical process, no energy and chemical consumption. This Sludge-to-Brick project fulfils the “Green” Innovation with zero waste generation achievable and the recovery cost was 40% lower than the landfill cost.